Objectives Print
  • The promotion of WIND Energy solutions advantages, with the aim to develop this industrial segment in Romania;
  • INVESTMENT opportunities within WIND Energy Projects, with the aim to render profitable this resource in Romania, which has not been exploited enough;
  • Implementing wind energy development perspective into the national grid system;
  • Identifying and securing lands, in areas with high wind energy potential;
  • Attracting investors with experience in wind energy;
  • Implementing and developing wind energy projects, in partnership with an investor [securing high wind potential land, providing finance, getting necessary permits, purchasing and installing the wind turbine, its connection to the national grid system, selling electricity to end-users or distributors, rendering profitable the green certificates on the market, etc];
  • The possibility of future development of these projects into WIND ENERGY PARKS;
  • Marketing Services for WIND TURBINES, Sales and Post Sale Support & Assistance for companies/individuals interested in using wind energy for their own needs.